Our Story

Our Story

Michelle duQuesnay-Jones is the artist, designer, and maker behind Forest + Fauna.

I love beautiful things and I love making. With all my heart. If my hands are busy, my mind full of creativity, I am the happiest self I can be. I am my authentic self when I’m in nature and surrounded by animals. So naturally, there is a strong animal and nature presence in my designs.

Forest + Fauna has existed in some iteration for the better part of my life. I love making so much, that I’ll use any excuse to make something I probably could have purchased. I am also in-love with previously loved items and well-worn, loved, wood. I have long collected items that were destined for the landfill, but that look to me like they are full of a long story.

For fun, I would refinish furniture, make this or that and furnish my family’s spaces. I love learning, so any project I can dream-up that teaches me a new process, I’m all in. One project lead the another, one custom request to another. And when I ran out space and places to fill, I decided to launch Forest + Fauna into the shop you see today.

Creating an eco-conscious maker business is a challenge. There is always the balance between creating something new and reducing our environmental impact.

I am continually seeking to have an even more ethical, sustainable practice, and find that through simple awareness, I am able to reuse materials, avoid harmful processes, and repurpose found materials. It’s all about learning. And, with every new bit of knowledge I gain, my processes are refined and tweaked so that I can create the friendliest products I can make.

I am full of gratitude, love, and appreciation for your support.

Founder, Artist, Maker

The Maker holding a wine crate in a woodshop